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    Company chronicles:

    1993 Company foundation as an individual enterprise with the main focus on electrical installation in the housing an business area.
    1995 Expansion of the business fields onto establishment of lightning protection installations
    1997 Execution of electrical installations, especially in the mechanical engineering industries, construction of switchgear cabinets
    2000 Removal from the rented business premises to the residential and business building in the Dorfstraße 26
    2003 Extension of the Company’s building by construction of storage facilities and a social wing
    2011 Expansion of the business fields onto complete planning and execution for industrial use in electrical engineering. Drawing up of switching plans, software and visualization with the programs S7 and WINCC
    2012 Acquisition of a 10000 m² commercial estate and planning for a second new business facility
    2014 Erection of a 820m² production hall with warehouse and offices  at the new commercial estate in the Meilerweg 4
    2015 Co-operation with the University of Cottbus commissioned to carry out a research contract into the course of optimal melt crystallization of oils and greases
    2016 New production hall
    ELEKTROTECHNIK MUELLER neue Produktionshalle